Be a star in the darkest times for children across Scotland
Support children and families this Christmas

Every family has found this year tough, for thousands of children across Scotland it’s been devastating. It has pushed their families to breaking point.

Now more than ever, a donation from you can help make children feel safe and secure. Your gift will ensure any child, parent or carer can reach out, share concerns or money worries and get the emotional, financial and practical support they need as quickly as possible.

You can be a star in the darkest times for children across Scotland this Christmas by donating today. 

Mum Teresa* says you will make a huge difference to families like her own this Christmas. She said:

“Children 1st have been a lifeline for my family. Without their support, I’d have spiralled into such a dark place that I wouldn’t have been there for the boys. I know this is a difficult time for everyone but if you can, please make a donation to Children 1st to support even more families that desperately need help.”

You can help families like Teresa’s, so that whatever their family face, children across Scotland can receive the practical and emotional care to help them repair and recover.

Read more about Teresa and her family's story.

#mystarof2020 – celebrate your stars

In such a tough year relationships have been more important than ever. This Christmas, celebrate your star of 2020 and let someone know how much they mean to you.

Download and print our Christmas decorations, or draw your own, keep one for your tree and write a special message on the other to give to your star of 2020. We would love to see your stars! Share them on social media with #mystarof2020

Your company can support children this Christmas too

If your company would like to get involved in supporting Children 1st this Christmas, please contact us or visit to find out more. 


*To protect the confidentiality of the people involved, identifying information has been changed.