Guidance & advice

Although it’s an inevitable part of growing up, as a parent it can still be hard to accept that your child is thinking about and exploring the idea of sex.

As they get older, your child will become more aware of sex and their own sexuality. If you’re there to help them through this journey, it’s more likely that your child will go on to have healthy, safe and positive sexual experiences.

Let’s talk about sex

Talking about sex may be the last thing you want to do with your child – and your child is likely to find it just as embarrassing!  

But making sure sex, love and bodies are a part of acceptable and everyday conversation from an early age is a sure way for children to develop confidence and self-respect as they grow up.

If you can give clear information and help them with their feelings and any worries, it will really help your child to be ready to make the best judgments about when and how they engage in sexual behaviour.

These pages explore some common concerns and questions we hear from parents about sex, relationships, sexual orientation and gender identity.